Four Reasons Why You Should Elope!

Cliff-side in a beautiful dress, with a hint of Champaign, is all we can really ask for in life! That, and Samantha Kleven there to capture it all.

With Covid being stressful for so many couples this year, and weddings having to be postponed indefinitely, many of our couples have been looking at elopements as a plan B to their large extravagant events. We could not love the idea more for these reason:

  1. Elopements are intimate and special. There's something so magical about the peace and silence that comes from sharing the day with your loved one somewhere remote and beautiful. While it may seem that a large family gathering and and over-the-top ballgown is what is necessary to make a wedding, well, a wedding, we've learned otherwise. All that's really needed is you, your significant other, and the marriage certificate.

  2. Less stress. We cannot express how stressful weddings have the potential to be. Ever seen the show Bridezillas? While not every wedding will end up with someone in the hospital with high blood pressure, they can be stressful even for the most calm of couples. Party planning is a big job! Elopements are stress free and easy on the pocketbook! Which brings us to our next point..

  3. Save the money for the honeymoon. Or the down-payment, or the new car, or paying off student loans. Marriage doesn't have to cost $30,000, and it can still be just as spectacular if not more so. Spend the extra budget on an incredible photographer and videographer, killer dresses or suits (cough cough, Eleanor's Bridal) and be with each other!

  4. You can still celebrate with your loved ones! Throw a backyard BBQ. What used to be a taboo for weddings is now becoming the norm. Focus on celebrating your love rather than throwing other people a lavish party. No gifts, just a collective effort to enjoy the day with others.

At the end of the day, we love big weddings. They are magical and traditional, and beautiful. But more and more we're being convinced that elopements are the future. Whichever you choose, there are no wrong answers to expressing your vows to one another. Hopefully this gave you some insight on some reasons why eloping may be the way to go, without truly having to compromise!


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